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Omslagsbild för The Gold Bag
Isbn: 978-91-7759-491-8
Förlag: Anncona Media
Romaner Deckare & spänning Engelskspråkiga
Tillgänglig sedan: februari 2018
Uppläsare: Richard Kilmer

Ljudbok | 28 dygns lånetid

The Gold Bag

The Gold Bag is a detective story by American author Carolyn Wells.

This is the second mystery story involving the Sherlock Holmes like detective Fleming Stone who is brought in to solve another mystery. 

This case involves a wealthy entrepreneur who is found murdered in the study of his mansion. The mansion is equipped with suspicious servants, the millionaire has a beautiful niece. And what is the agenda of the private secretary and what does the victims will state?

Circumstantial evidence in the shape of a gold mesh bag points to a woman as the criminal, and the only possible one is the niece with whom the detective promptly falls in love, though she is already engaged to her uncle's secretary, an alliance which the dead man insisted must be discontinued, otherwise he would disinherit the girl.

Fleming Stone is brought in to help local Detective Herbert Burroughs to solve the mystery that hinges on a gold bag and a pair of shoes.

The Gold Bag was first published in 1911. Total Running Time (TRT): 6 hours, 43 min. Reading by Richard Kilmer. 

Carolyn Wells (1862–1942) was an American author and poet. Carolyn Wells wrote a total of more than 170 books. During the first ten years of her career, she concentrated on poetry, humor, and children's books. However, Carolyn Wells began reading mystery stories written by Anna Katherine Green, and from then on she devoted her writings to puzzling mysteries in a similar vein.

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