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Cover for The Miracle of the Great St. Nicolas

The Miracle of the Great St. Nicolas

‘The Miracle of the Great St Nicolas’ (1909) is Anatole France’s satirical reimagining of the classic legend. In this short story, St Nicolas attempts to perform a miracle, resurre ...

Cover for Speeches


Charles Dickens is renowned as one of the best writers of the Victorian era, and his after-dinner speeches were very much in demand during his lifetime. Dickens spoke on public occ ...

Cover for Charles Dickens’ Children Stories

Charles Dickens’ Children Stories

Charles Dickens' ‘Children Stories’ is a collection of tales for kids from one of history’s finest storytellers. In this wonderful anthology, children are introduced to characters ...

Cover for Contribution to 'All the Year Round'

Contribution to 'All the Year Round'

'The carpenter's daughter has won a name for herself, and deserved to win it.''Contributions to 'All the Year Round'' by Charles Dickens is a collection of short stories originally ...

Cover for Pearl-Fishing – First Series

Pearl-Fishing – First Series

‘Pearl-Fishing – First Series’ by Charles Dickens is a collection of short stories which were first published in ‘Household Words’. Featuring titles such as ‘Loaded Dice’, ‘My Won ...

Cover for The Red Lily

The Red Lily

Therese, a socialite tired of her loveless marriage, strikes up an affair with a man who cherishes her. Still discontent, she begins another affair, slipping further into depressio ...

Cover for A Night in Acadie

A Night in Acadie

Love for unavailable men, regret, unhappy marriages, priests and an old woman losing her memory, these stories cover many issues we still face today.A young woman tired of marriage ...

Cover for Bayou Folk

Bayou Folk

A wide-ranging collection from classics of fiction tales to humorous sketches to romances, these short stories, with their interesting and diverse characters, have something for ev ...

Cover for Imre


It’s Budapest, early 20th century. Oswold is spending the summer at a language school, whilst Imre, a Hungarian calvary officer, is on leave. In the hustle and bustle of a café nes ...

Cover for The White Flag

The White Flag

A girl from a wealthy family. A boy from the wrong side of the tracks. Mahala and Jason's love is star-crossed from the beginning - not helped by the petty prejudices of people in ...

Cover for The Four Stragglers

The Four Stragglers

Packed with twists and turns, ‘The Four Stragglers’ by Frank L. Packard is a mystery novel in which the reader meets four allied soldiers lost behind enemy lines during the Great W ...

Cover for Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair

For fans of Bridgerton, this classical gossip novel follows the lives of Becky Sharp and Amelia Sedley as they deal with relationships with both friends and family. Set during the ...

Cover for The Pageant of Summer

The Pageant of Summer

Have you ever spent an evening in the English countryside and marveled at the beauty around you? In ‘The Pageant of Summer’, Victorian British author Richard Jefferies takes you on ...

Cover for The Swiss Peasant

The Swiss Peasant

‘The Swiss Peasant’ (1830) is a short story by the famous English writer Mary Shelley. The story tells of the brutal effect the French Revolution had on those living in the Alps. T ...

Cover for The Sisters of Albano

The Sisters of Albano

Maria and Anina are sisters who live with their father in the hills of Lake Albano in Italy. Over time, the young Anina falls in love with an outlaw named Domenico, who is a sworn ...

Cover for The Pole

The Pole

This short story tells the tale of a Polish man who intervenes in a fight between Marietta, a defenceless Italian girl, and Giorgio, a young army officer. His actions set in motion ...

Cover for The Parvenue

The Parvenue

When Fanny is 17 years old, a house fire nearly kills her entire family and destroys their home. Lord Reginald Desborough saves her from the flames and the couple marry, but her fa ...

Cover for The Invisible Girl

The Invisible Girl

Rosina is secretly engaged to Henry, the son of her guardian Sir Peter Vernon. On discovering their relationship, an angry Sir Peter casts her out into the Welsh countryside and to ...

Cover for The False Rhyme

The False Rhyme

After the heartbreak of losing his lover, King Francis I swears never to love another woman. His sister, Marguerite of Navarre, overhears his lament and vows to prove him wrong. Ma ...

Cover for The Brother and Sister

The Brother and Sister

A cross between ´West Side Story´ and Shakespeare's ‘Romeo and Juliet’, this is a love story with a twist. The fierce rivalry between two Italian families, the Mancinis and the Tol ...

Cover for The Mortal Immortal

The Mortal Immortal

This is a story for fans of the books ´How to Stop Time’ by Matt Haig and ‘The Suicide Club’ by Rachel Heng. It is a love story that is a cross between ´Frankenstein´ and John Gree ...

Cover for Ferdinando Eboli

Ferdinando Eboli

Sent on a mission to Northern Italy by the King of Naples, Ferdinando Eboli is captured by the enemy. When he finally returns home, Eboli is arrested as a spy and discovers his ide ...

Cover for A Tale of the Passions; or, The Death of Despina

A Tale of the Passions; or, The Death of Despina

In thirteenth-century Florence, Italy, the pro-Papacy Guelphs defeated and expelled the pro-imperial Ghibellines. The triumphant Guelphs await their champion, the Frenchman Charles ...

Cover for Gunman's Reckoning

Gunman's Reckoning

George is a young man exploring the West when he comes upon a small town called The Corners. What he didn’t expect from this little town was to fall in love, or how desperately thi ...

Cover for Mountain-Laurel and Maidenhair

Mountain-Laurel and Maidenhair

Friendship can transcend class and background.Take the movie 'Napoleon Dynamite', Dory's friendship with Nemo in 'Finding Nemo' or chalk-and-cheese buddies Barbara Hershey and Bett ...