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Cover for Kitty's Class Day and Other Stories

Kitty's Class Day and Other Stories

In a preface to this collection, Louisa May Alcott calls these eight stories her 'various waifs and strays' and they all beautifully demonstrate her wry sense of humour, sharp obse ...

Cover for A Modern Cinderella

A Modern Cinderella

Louisa May Alcott has penned a sparkling collection of novels, short stories and poems. In this collection of short stories, you get four little gems, written with Alcott's unmista ...

Cover for Herland


'Herstory' is a adventurous book that looks at what an all female utopia could look like. Written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, the story is about three explorers that crash land in ...

Cover for Artemis to Actaeon

Artemis to Actaeon

While she might be best known as the author of ‘The Age of Innocence’ (adapted for film, and starring Michelle Pfeiffer, and Daniel Day-Lewis), Edith Wharton wrote an extensive ran ...

Cover for Autres Temps

Autres Temps

After self-imposed exiled in Italy, Mrs Lidcote is returning to New York, full of trepidation about her divorced daughter’s remarriage. Mrs Lidcote is a divorcee herself and only t ...

Cover for One of Ours

One of Ours

‘One of Ours’ is Willa Cather's Pulitzer prize-winning story about life on the American frontier. The country teeters on the brink of World War I and Claude Wheeler finds himself a ...

Cover for The Garden Party and Other Stories

The Garden Party and Other Stories

If you have not discovered the work of Katherine Mansfield, you're in for a treat and this is the perfect place to start. 'The Garden Party and Other Stories' is a collection of 15 ...

Cover for Iola Leroy

Iola Leroy

'Iola Leroy', one of the first novels published by an African-American woman, follows a group of slaves who are seeking refuge with the approaching Union army during the Civil War. ...

Cover for Pygmalion


Do you like 'Pretty Woman', with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere? Do you love 'Maid in Manhattan', starring Jennifer Lopez and Ralph Fiennes? And how about little orphan 'Annie'? We ...

Cover for Tales and Stories

Tales and Stories

From the acclaimed author of Frankenstein, Mary Shelley, ‘Tales and Stories’ is a collection of short stories that bring romance and gothic horror together. This collection of tale ...

Cover for My Mortal Enemy

My Mortal Enemy

Brilliantly intelligent, rich and stylish Myra is a living legend in her hometown.But she sends shockwaves through the community when she rejects her riches and elopes with hard-up ...

Cover for The Charing Cross Mystery

The Charing Cross Mystery

When a retired police inspector suddenly drops dead in a train carriage arriving at Charing Cross station, young London barrister Hetherwick finds himself the key witness to the mu ...

Cover for Fortune's Fool

Fortune's Fool

In this great historical adventure novel, Ransal Holles, a former soldier in Cromwell’s army, feels like there is no place for him now that the monarchy has been restored and the e ...

Cover for Sankmark


På tåget på väg till Stockholm sitter Bach, Bäske Bach, nyligen utskriven från sjukhuset. Först låtsas han sova, sedan föreställer han sig garrottering för att se frånstötande ut. ...

Cover for Shakespeares dramatiska arbeten : tragedier

Shakespeares dramatiska arbeten : tragedier

Shakespeares dramatiska arbeten: Tragedier, sjunde bandet, innehåller två av hans mest kända dramer.Konung Lear är en känsloladdad skildring av mänsklig galenskap och Shakespeares ...

Cover for The Monk and the Hangman's Daughter

The Monk and the Hangman's Daughter

"The Monk and the Hangman's Daughter" tells the tale of 17th century monk Ambrosius, who meets a young girl named Benedicta, a hangman’s daughter, who is shunned by her community b ...

Cover for Present at a Hanging and Other Ghost Stories

Present at a Hanging and Other Ghost Stories

'Present at a Hanging and Other Ghost Stories' features fifteen ghost and horror stories. Included in this collection are: 'The Way of Ghosts', 'Soldier Folk', 'Some Haunted Houses ...

Cover for In the Midst of Life; Tales of Soldiers and Civilians

In the Midst of Life; Tales of Soldiers and Civilians

The stories featured in this collection detail the lives of soldiers and civilians during the American Civil War. Bierce served as a union soldier during the Civil War and his expe ...

Cover for A Cynic Looks At Life

A Cynic Looks At Life

In this collection of satiric essays, Ambrose Bierce offers his provoking outlook on a series of subjects. This collection includes, "Civilization", "Immortality", "The Death Penal ...

Cover for Mathias Sandorf

Mathias Sandorf

An homage to Dumas’ ‘The Count of Monte Cristo,’ ‘Mathias Sandorf’ is an action-packed adventure story, complete with coded messages, secret identities, island adventure, and a mys ...

Cover for César Cascabel

César Cascabel

What do you get if you cross a family of French acrobats with the escape of a Russian political prisoner? ‘César Cascabel!’Despite the outlandish premise, Verne deftly weaves a sto ...

Cover for Claudius Bombarnac

Claudius Bombarnac

Claudius Bombarnac is a reporter, tasked with writing a travelogue while aboard the Great Trans-Asiatic Railway. Hoping to spice up his story, he befriends a group of travellers, w ...

Cover for Master of the World

Master of the World

The sequel to ‘Robur the Conqueror,’ ‘The Master of the World’ is part of the Extraordinary Voyages series. Narrated by Chief Inspector John Strock, the story starts with strange p ...

Cover for Crucial Instances

Crucial Instances

‘Crucial Instances’ was the second collection of Wharton’s short stories to be published. Of the seven, ‘Copy: A Dialogue’ is presented as a short play. This collection shows the b ...

Cover for False Dawn

False Dawn

Now that he’s turned 21, Lewis Raycie has been sent to travel Europe to form his tastes and fortify his judgments. Lewis’ father packs him off with $5,000 and the instruction to re ...